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YTB Trench “Toxicity”

by Aidan C Werder on August 30, 2021

YTB Trench is making a splash with his new Cole-Bennett directed visual for “Toxicity” off his impressive debut project, ‘Versatalien’ released on July 30th. 

For those unfamiliar with the 20 year old YSL-affiliated Cincinnati, OH-native, “Toxicity” is an excellent introduction to the tightly executed, unique melodic style of YTB Trench that’s attracted the attention of some of the most influential tastemakers in hip hop. With the new video racking up over 700k views, it seems like the rest of the industry is beginning to take note. 

“Toxicity” opens with a somber guitar-led instrumental (produced by Hype Beatz), with your eyes glued to the screen by Trench’s captivating vocal and the unsettling scene of betrayal that’s unfolding. The dynamic, almost pop-sounding production crescendos in and out of big emotional moments as Trench effortlessly transitions between a wide array of diverse melodies and intricate flows - perfectly timed with the visual as we watch the toxic cycle play out. “Toxicity” is the rare song that blends threads the needle of being catchy, dynamic, and meaningful. 

It doesn’t take long to notice that Trench has a unique command over bars, melodies, and the elusive high-pitched affected-vocal sound that has become the signature of many of the artists associated with Young Thug’s YSL. His distinct, confidently executed style is hugely compelling, as evidenced by him being signed without any music released, being prominently featured on Slime Language 2 on “Paid the Fine” (alongside Young Thug, Gunaa, and Lil Baby), not to mention having Thugger himself jump on the remix of his first ever released track “My City” and include it in the mega-hit collaborative album. All of which happened before he released his debut project ‘Versatalien’ at the end of July - of course with features from Gunna and Thugger on “How” and “Mob Ties” respectively.

It’s worth pointing out that YTB Trench and particularly “Toxicity” sit at the intersection of 3 of the most influential, emerging powerhouses in hip hop: 100K Management, YSL, and Lyrical Lemonade. Trench originally caught the eyes of 100K Management - comprised of Florida-based music video extraordinaire, DrewFilmedIt and Track, known for his role in managing artists like King Von, YNW Melly, Hotboii, 30 Deep Grimeyy and more - signing on to 100K Management last year before he had even released a song. His debut track, “My City” and its DrewFilmedIt-directed video caught fire, and specifically caught the attention of Thugger himself. Fast forward to 2021, with just a few singles released, Trench is prominently featured on the Billboard #1 Young Thug-directed YSL collaborative album, ‘Slime Language 2’ signaling his official arrival into the shadowy collective alongside Young Thug, Gunna, Lil Keed, Strick, and a growing cinematic universe of talented new acts with a certain kind of forward thinking style. Completing the trifecta, the video for “Toxicity” was directed by Cole Bennett, the mastermind behind the tastemaking powerhouse that is Lyrical Lemonade, who threw his full weight behind the song with a heartfelt IG post, explaining how,  “The very first time I listened to this song I knew I wanted to do the video - tapping into the realities of paranoia and distrust in today’s world.” 

For those that recognize the stars aligning behind this exciting new artist, it’s clear that YTB Trench is a unique talent with a bright road ahead of him. 

Watch the new music video for “Toxicity” below - and be sure to check out YTB Trench’s debut project, ‘Versatalien’ available everywhere.


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