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SSGKOBE "Calabasas" ft. $not

by NO JUMPER on April 08, 2021

Written by Paul Naud

The world will definitely begin to recognize SSGKobe as the star he is after this Lyrical Lemonade film but SSGKobe has been making his case for the next big thing. Born in Louisiana, SSGKobe has recently been the talk of the town within the industry getting cosigns and support from influential people. This new music video “Calabasas'' featuring $not may be just what he needs to begin his journey to the top of the charts. Especially when it’s shot by Cole Bennett and put together by Zack Bia who brought out Kevin Abstract to make a slight appearance. 

SSGKobe is like the popular kid in school doing his thing and having fun with it.The delinquent charisma is making him a viral artist to keep your eyes on in this digital music culture. “Calabasas” has a beat with ominous bounce giving these two online icons the subtle pace to give every line personality and the faint beat life. SSGKobe appears with playful confidence as he loiters the neighborhood with nonchalant delivery. In his high school varsity jack he passes it off to $not by the antique whip. Only $not could snap on this type of beat as hard as he did; it's his natural sound. Young fan favorites like SSGKobe and $not will influence the game for a long time as they’ve got the recipe for viral bangers.

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by Ezra blair on April 11, 2021

I love this love how no jumper getting hit to the underground artist


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