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Sada Baby "Friends"

by NO JUMPER on March 16, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

The Detroit phenomenon is back with a new video for “Friends,” a smooth, up beat song with another unique flow that Sada Baby was able to pull out of the bag. It’s almost as if he’s speaking with you instead of rapping to you, with a subtle and soft tone of voice similar to ASMR. In the video, we have Sada grooving with a few friends, dressed outrageously sleek and just really being himself. “I have the same attitude if I was 5’9 , but I’m 6’2 with a 57 reppin 55,” he raps, while doing a little dance. 

It’s apparent to see that Sada Baby has chosen a route to success built solely on being different and trying new things. From crafting his own flows and sound, to his choice of production and features, there truly seems to be a method to his madness. The odds of staying relevant and riding that wave of innovation are very high for Sada, in a quick and ever-changing culture that we call Hip-Hop. New artists, trends, production styles; you name it. They all come and go quickly whether we like it or not, but for some artists, including Sada Baby, will be able to take what they’ve been able to contribute and build on top of that. It’ll be very interesting to see the type of work we get from the Detroit rapper in the new year of 2021 and even the next few years to follow. 

Sada Baby had also made a recent appearance on the No Jumper show with Adam22 and AD. Amongst all the talk, Sada’s manager and former Everyday Struggle Co-host Wayno pulled up as well, and both have hinted on a new Sada Baby album being finished up. While on the conversation, Adam asks the Detroit rapper how he might be approaching this project, knowing that it’s his first real debut album. Sada says “I’m just doing my one-two, knocking my shit out.” Essentially, he explains that he doesn’t go into the studio looking for a hit. He works, makes songs, and they end up coming out well-received. 

I think fans are yearning for this new Sada Baby album and it’s going to bear witness to Sada's dedication, impact, and importance in rap and more specifically, Detroit rap. Check out the new video for Friends below and peep the No Jumper blog for new music and artists.

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by VLI Exclusive on March 23, 2021

nice article logan keep it up


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