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RTB MB "Intro"

by Aidan C Werder on January 05, 2022


Over the holiday break, RTB MB finally dropped the video for “Intro” - a fan favorite off his surprisingly good, Flint-flow heavy project from last year, ‘Up the Score’. Better known as Miles Bridges - starting power forward for the Charlotte Hornets and 1st round pick of the 2018 draft - RTB MB continues to exceed the low expectations generally held for athletes-turned-rappers with consistent quality drops, paying homage to his native Flint, Michigan by proudly repping the hyper-stylized regional flow popularized by local legends like Rio da Yung OG, YN Jay, and Louie Ray. 


Intro” is a great introduction to MB’s cool take on the Flint-flow - walking over the bassy production with that relentless, unorthodox delivery laden with savage punchlines and not-so-humble brags that really hit different when they’re coming from an NBA superstar.

From the first few seconds of the stank-face-inducing production, fans of the Michigan rap scene will recognize that “Energy made this one” beat tag of ENRGY Beats - one of the originators of the sound and the mastermind behind iconic songs like Rio’s “Legendary” and YN Jay x Louie Ray’s “Coochie” - which goes to show that MB isn’t just dabbling here, he’s really doing it. 


In the video for “Intro” (directed by Yawn Productions), MB hosts an intimate evening for several of his teammates and their model dates (or are they singers?) at a lavish mansion, fit for a team of NBA players - showing off his RTB chain as he delivers his relentless and cleverly written bars. 


While it’s an unusual sight to see a well-known basketball star rapping like their life depends on it, everyone seems to agree that MB is more than holding his own on the mic. More than making his colleagues jealous by living out his rap dreams (while already in the process of living his hoop dreams), he is using his platform to shine a light on the infectious regional sound of his native Flint, Michigan - introducing the unorthodox and addicting style to a much wider audience that may never have heard it otherwise. 


Check out the video for “Intro” below by RTB MB (aka Mile Bridges of the Charlotte Hornets) - and be sure to check out his most recent project, ‘Halftime’, available everywhere. 


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