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Ron Suno "Bandit"

by NO JUMPER on February 20, 2021

Written by Aidan Werder

Last Friday, the hilarious 20-year-old social media sensation turned real-life artist, Ron Suno dropped his latest single, “Bandit.” The new track - the most recent in a stream of impressive singles that dropped throughout 2020 - was accompanied by the announcement of a distribution deal with EMPIRE, marking the next stage of Ron Suno’s career as a full-blown recording artist and entertainer. 

“Bandit” has all the elements that make Ron Suno so compelling - a fire, understated beat, a catchy unconventional flow, and a wildly entertaining visual to match. As always, Suno’s unmatchable energy and impossibly deep Bronx-native vocal come together with genuinely strong songwriting and super solid production from SBL Music Group’s own Julian Alex to create a hugely entertaining single and music video. 

The JANOFFilms-directed visual depicts Suno in a variety of turnt-up locations - from the strip club, to the highrise condo, to the upstate Airbnb - displaying a variety of limited edition drip and showing off his perm-straightened locs that only add to his over-the-top image. I think anyone would agree that Ron Suno dancing on the hood of the Hummer in the opening credits is a total vibe. 

“Bandit” is a big moment for Suno, as it signals some huge milestones for the young independent entertainer. Not only did he just announce his distribution deal with EMPIRE - a deal that will allow him to reach a wide wider audience while remaining independent and maintaining control over his brand - but he just recently surpassed 1M followers on Instagram, that platform where Ron Suno first grew his brand with hilarious skits and rants as a caricature of an over-the-top-gangster New Yorker. 

If you’re just getting hip now or at all skeptical about his musical talent, you’re going to want to check out a few of Ron Suno’s very real, very popular tracks from 2020 - tracks like “Spider-Man” feat. Fivio Foreign, “Wraith” and “Pinocchio” feat. Blueface - as well as his wildly successful debut project SWAG LIKE MIKE that dropped last summer. In 2020, he also had collabs in 2020 with everyone from Sheff G, to DDG, Sosa Geek, Smoove’l, Fetty Wap, and more - in addition to an opportunity to become an NBA 2K affiliate for the Atlanta Hawks and a big feature in XXLFor now, check out the video for his latest entry “Bandit” below - and be on the lookout for more big moves from Ron Suno and the SBL camp in 2021. 


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