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Remble “Rocc Climbing” feat. Lil Yachty

by Aidan C Werder on September 24, 2021

The unorthodox styles of Remble and Yachty make the perfect pairing on Remble’s new single, “Rocc Climbing” - already going viral and climbing the Youtube Trending charts on its first day out. 

If you’re new to Remble’s unique, understated style and matter-of-fact diction… you might be confused here. By all accounts, “Rocc Climbing” is a pretty unusual sounding rap song: 

from the gentle piano melody punctuated by punching bass, to the counterintuitive flows, to the way Yachty just seemingly picks a starting spot at random and then somehow finds the perfect pocket for his killer, lazy flow he’s been rocking lately. 

From there, Remble enters the chat with his cool demeanor and crisp pronunciation - calmly delivering well-thought-out, carefully recited bars about LA gang culture mixed with mischievously clever pop culture references to folks like Jerry Springer, Blacc Chyna, or Roddy Piper (a pretty obscure reference to an old Canadian WWE star). A large part of what makes Remble so compelling is the juxtaposition of his low-key delivery with the vivid pictures of drugs, jail, and gang violence painted in his over-the-top lyrics - discussing shootouts and street politics in the same tone you might use to describe your trip to the store. “Rocc Climbing” is the perfect introduction to his unusual but incredibly captivating style. 

In the accompanying, straightforward visual directed by frequent-Boat documentarian, AMD Visuals - we get a good sampling of Remble’s signature “square up” dance moves, backed up by his always turnt up and fiercely loyal crew - not to mention a rare look at Perm-Yachty, accompanied by his new Concrete Boys signee, DC2Trill. 

Remble has been making massive waves with his unusual, carefully annunciated delivery combined with unmistakably west coast inspired production… but with a twist. Remble has gained huge traction online over the course of this year with viral hits like “No Competition”, “Gordan Ramsay Freestyle”, and “Ruth’s Chris Freestyle” feat Drakeo The Ruler… the latter of which really helped to clear the air that, although his songs may be entertaining,  Remble is no comedian. A fact made doubly clear with the release of “Touchable” - an ominous, wordy single characterized by haunting church bells and stone-cold, matter-of-fact bars released in June ahead of his debut project, ‘IT’S REMBLE’ - which solidified his viral status and became his biggest song yet, now with over 17M Youtube views and 23M Spotify streams in just 3 months.

Remble’s viral success and unique brand of west coast hip hop has spawned a wave of memes - one of the most popular of which called him “The rapper who raps in MLA format”. Since then, its become a bit of thing to say something along the lines of: “Remble doesn’t (slang term), he (describe it using large vocabulary words)”. Under everything he does online you’ll find dozens of comments with differents variations on the theme. A few examples: “Remble doesn’t rap, he speaks soliloquies into existence”, “Remble doesn’t diss, he addresses your flaws”, or “Remble isn’t built different, he’s constructed alternatively.”

At this point, Remble is already a full-blown viral sensation - and he’s got the goods to back it up. His style is unique, compelling, and catching the ears of both audiences and fellow artists. In addition to Yachty and Drakeo, he’s already banked songs with G Perico as well as Mozzy and the quickly rising BlueBucksClan on his debut project, ‘IT’S REMBLE’. If I were to guess, I would say Remble’s phone is jumping off the hook with calls from artists, managers, and labels right about now - as clearly one of the hottest and most organic new acts to rise up during 2021. 

In conclusion, “Rocc Climbing” is a banger. The future is bright for Remble. And Yachty, just keep being Yachty. 

Check out Remble’s “Rocc Climbing” feat. Lil Yachty below - and do yourself a favor and check out the rest of Remble’s debut project, ‘IT’S REMBLE’ available everywhere.


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