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Polo G “GANG GANG” ft. Lil’ Wayne

by NO JUMPER on June 19, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Chicago rapper Polo G is on a massive hot streak with his latest release “GANG GANG” featuring legendary artist Lil’ Wayne. Polo really takes it a step further in this music video, presenting an unorthodox and experimental take on a rap music video. It’s production is pleasant and groovy, with an arp-like melody that bounces effortlessly over a fast paced set of drums and 808’s. The color grading matches the overall feeling of the record; and though it feels “poppy”, Polo G keeps it Chicago with it’s edgy visuals and sleek bars. In doing it this way,  it really doesn’t stray too far from the Polo G we’ve typically seen. Not to mention, Lil’ Wayne absolutely bodying his verse, per usual. Polo raps with his gang and Wayne amongst him, portraying himself as a long-term talent here to stay. Witnessing a creative work like this goes to show the amount of hard work and determination that Polo G has put on full display this new year. A collaboration with a rap legend further insinuates itself a gratifying cosign, which any rising artist looks to accomplish at some point. Every ingredient of a good trap song is highlighted here by the Chicago creative, and nothing less is expected.  Nonetheless, this Chicago rapper is on his way to a decorated career with this recent release, along with his biggest hit yet: RAPSTAR. This hit boasted an incredible 53.6 million streams in one week, solidifying itself as the largest single week stream count for a male act since last August, 2020. That’s a unique accolade for Polo G, and with GANG GANG behind it, the year of 2021 is only going to bestow artistic growth and exposure. That being said, we are hopeful for a strong full-length LP from Polo in the months to come. Check out GANG GANG in the link below.

One interesting fact from this collaboration comes directly from Polo G, where he tweeted: "Lol Wayne The Only Ni*ga Eva Walked Me Down On a Song.” He expounds on that by saying:  "But I definitely need my rematch or sum. It’s crazy tho cuz I take the approach I do in this shit cuz of him...goin From Tryna study The lyrics to actually bein on a song w Em." 

This is an interesting thought coming from the rapper, considering the amount of success he’s seen in the recent years. Any new artist collaborating with a seasoned veteran such as Lil’ Wayne might feel a little overshadowed in the moment, but a full playthrough of the track and music video doesn’t immediately come off that way to a Polo G fan. Friendly competition has always been prevalent in hip-hop and rap music since its birth, and it’s only natural for one artist to feel that way. 


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