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OSOFOE “For One Night”

by NO JUMPER on March 17, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

One thing we are starting to witness from the new wave of Detroit rap is the domino effect that’s currently in motion. This new style of rap is propelling more and more artists from the shadows to the spotlight day through night. OSOFOE, frequent collaborator of BabyFaceRay and part of the GasPack collective, has seen a steady rise in exposure. Recently, OSOFOE dropped his video titled “For One Night,” an ambient, poised track with production that really carries OSO’s lyrics so effortlessly. The young rapper stands firm with his GasPack crew behind him, in various places amongst LA. One of those places being Fat Sal’s, a local sandwich spot.

On this track, OSO really delivers facile bars such as “Got way too much jewelry on, I ain’t try to fight. I hope that you don’t take this wrong, it’s only for one night,” and “karma bitch, 5’5, let her drive the whip. Baby girl lil thick in them jeans, she got that fiji drip.” In comparison to the Detroit sound and OSO’s frequent collabs, this track in specific is a lot slower; as far as BPM and delivery goes. You could find that it speaks to the rapper staying on his toes and keeping things different. 

OSOFOE is looking to keep things divergent and contrasting. In reference to his recent project dropped in 2020, titled “Green Doctor,” he delivers various flows and presents himself well over different beats. Beat selection can really be key in trying to dispense your sound and persona in rap music. Hence, why OSO is seeing a steady rise. We’re hoping to get more from the new rapper along with new collaborations and projects in the new year of 2021. Peep the video “For One Night” below and continue reading the No Jumper blog for more new music.


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