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OBN Jay Makes a Statement With His Latest Single “I’m Him”

by Noah Soria on October 23, 2021

OBN Jay is a rising star out of Louisiana, a scene that is holding their own & trending upwards in the South. In just three years of putting out consistent music, Jay has seen his career incline at a rapid pace. The EMPIRE-signee is back with new music & accompanying visuals. 

OBN Jay's new single “I'm Him" is the coming of age for OBN Jay, accepting the gritty lifestyle and hustle mindset it takes moving to the top and presently remaining as the man he imagined himself to be. Fans in the past have heard the rugged melodic sounds talking about his past. When asked about the process of this song, Jay answered, “I wrote and punched in this song. It was one of the better productions I had so it gave me room to be more creative.”  

He is letting everyone know he has been that guy coming out of the trenches. On the subject of the motivation behind curating this track, Jay said, “The motivation was thinking about things I accomplished and people noticing those things. Kind of a new beginning song while talking bout the journey I’m on.” The hook is catchy and rhythmic, and it flows perfectly with the beat. It’s evident that the sound OBN Jay displays in this song, and his previous music, is representative of the location he comes from. Jay also spoke on this track leading to his next project. “This single is definitely one of the lead singles to my next project along with 2 or 3 other songs.” Jay announced that he’ll also be hitting the road soon. “Yeah I’m going on the road for a tour in December. It’s gone be dumb for sure.” 

“I’m Him” is out now on all streaming platforms, while the music video is out on YouTube. 


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