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Noah Sincere “SING-EL”

by Aidan C Werder on December 14, 2021

This week, the 20-year-old independent hidden gem, Noah Sincere dropped his latest self-produced single, “SING-EL”. 


Noah Sincere is a talented young artist with a distinct melody-driven, affected-vocal sound (that you might call Soundcloud rap) and his latest release “SING-EL” is an excellent introduction to his abstract, electronic style. The bouncy melodic vocal combined with the unusual, bouncy production impressively produced by Noah himself has an almost hypnotic effect - coming together to create a chill, catchy, and hugely captivating track. 


Everything about “SING-EL” is tightly executed: from the intoxicating vocal, to the crisp production, to the deceptively straightforward visual depicting Noah skateboarding and riding the MARTA train on a quiet night in Atlanta - with a healthy sprinkling of subtle, well-executed visual effects (by Omgyourson) that really turn the calm subway journey into an impressive music video (directed by AMD Visuals). 


Originally from East Stroudsburg, PA before moving to Atlanta to pursue music, Noah is operating under the banner of Nowhere Records founded by Gent Memishi - a longtime friend, collaborator, and engineer of Lil Yachty who’s taking the skills and experiences he’s developed during his career to help create and uplift a new class of boundary-pushing artists like Noah. The video for “SING-EL” was directed by AMD Visuals (another Boat staple) and edited by Damien Wayne of the blossoming creative visual studio, EVRYWHRE & NOWHRE - who’s created trippy visuals for big names like Chief Keef, Calboy, Cochise, and Ken Car$on all in the last year. 


Not only is Noah Sincere an obviously talented artist, but he also already has many of the tools and support needed to take that talent and creativity to the next level. His early releases show huge promise, and it looks like “SING-EL” is a signal that we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more of Noah Sincere coming up. Be on the lookout for new releases, visuals, and maybe even a debut project before long. 


Check out the visual for “SING-EL” - and for more Noah Sincere check out the rest of his ‘Volume 1’ Playlist on Soundcloud for a preview of what’s to come. 


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