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Melvoni "Feel Alive"

by Aidan C Werder on September 09, 2021

One of Brooklyn’s youngest in charge, the 17 year-old Melvoni continues to impress with his new single “Feel Alive” (also known as “Throw Up the A”) - a highly anticipated release ever since an in-studio snippet dropped earlier this year previewing the song’s catch melodic hook.

“Feel Alive” is a great introduction to the distinct style of Melvoni. His one-of-a-kind vocal and obvious confidence behind the mic - combined with his unique perspective growing up in Brooklyn - creates a hugely compelling, unintuitive style that blends his high-pitched, teenage voice with gritty street lyrics and unique, polished production. 

As usual, the production on “Feel Alive” is top notch - produced by Sho Beatz, who is quietly becoming one of the most innovative producers at the forefront of hip hop in NYC (having produced some of the most popular beats of 2021 including the widely circulated beats for Kay Flock’s “Power” and “Being Honest”, as well as A1xJ1’s international smash “Latest Trends”). The unique beat is built around a sample from a notable and somewhat controversial Billie Eilish song - titled “I’d love to let you go (6.18.18)” a tribute song to the late XXXTentacion that was left off her debut studio album - the date referring to the date of X’s untimely passing. The way Sho was able to flip this special, quite somber song into a drill beat - and the way Melvoni makes use of his distinct vocal qualities comes together to create a unique, refreshing sound in a lane of its own. 

The visual, directed by Kaiyah Napri, shows the young Melvoni and his impressive jewelry collection surround by his guys we hear so much about in his songs - with one scene clearly the site of the widely-circulated snippet. 

Melvoni’s rare combination of gritty bars, serious singing ability, and undeniable boyish charm is serving him well in his young career - cultivating a hungry, engaged fan base and already racking up millions of streams and views since he first started releasing music in 2018. Since then, some of his biggest songs to date include “NY” “Big Rocks” “No Man’s Land” and “Chrome” - all with big numbers that are still growing, a testament to the young sing-rapper’s talent and staying power. In May of this year, he dropped a 4-track EP titled “RETURN TO SENDER” (despite Melvoni having grown up in a post snail-mail world) which included songs like “MILLION DOLLAR PEASANT” and one his biggest collabs to date with DDG and Tyla Yaweh on “GET MONEY”. 

With over half a million Youtube views in its first week, (and even an unlikely cosign from Drakeotheruler on IG), “Feel Alive” is proof that Melvoni’s trajectory is still very much on the rise. While people surely try, it really is hard not to like this 17 year-old phenom. 

Check out the video for “Feel Alive” below - and be on the lookout for more new music from Brooklyn’s babyface killa, Melvoni. 


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