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JGreen “Outside” ft PnB Rock

by NO JUMPER on July 29, 2021

Written by Aidan Werder

JGreen is officially back outside with a new single for the summer, “Outside” featuring Philly’s favorite sing-rapper, PnB Rock. 

The new song from the rising, babyfaced Florida artist is an unexpected but well-executed collab. Centered around a super catchy, PnB-signature hook - the melodic crooning and bouncy, trap beat perfectly matches JGreen’s unique energy and distinct, understated vocal tone.

The polished, 20K-directed music video shows the pair of melodic rappers outside in what appears to be JGreen’s home state of Florida - flanked by a fleet of top tier exotic cars… and models. There’s even a brief appearance from his partner in crime from, Oz Sparx - another really interesting emerging out Philly with his own distinct, gritty melodic style, who’s a part of JGreen’s 510 Music Group. 

“Outside” is a summer record for the streets - a bit more lighthearted than his normally gritty, street ballads like his massive 2018 breakout song “Rugged” or more recently “Never Switching Sides” feat Hotboii, which dropped last month and has already racked up over 500K views. Already off to a great start, “Outside” has racked up over 20K views in its first 24 hours.

Over the last several years, since parting ways with YNW (i.e. YNW Melly), JGreen has independently developed a unique, street-focused melodic sound and a growing fanbase loyal of his distinct style - forming his own 510 Music Group and quietly racking up millions of streams, 125K Youtube subscribers, and multiple well-received appearances on popular outlets like Say Cheese, Worldstar Hip Hop, Dirty Glove Bastard, and even here on No Jumper. 

In 2021, JGreen had been relatively quiet until he popped back out in June with “Fed Up” followed by “Never Switching Sides” feat. Hotboii and now “Outside” feat. PnB Rock. Hopefully the trend will continue with more dope singles, features, and if we’re lucky a project. There have even been some whispers floating around of a collab with Kalan Frfr out of Compton - which if true would be another unexpected, but much needed JGreen collab. 

Check out the video for JGreen’s “Outside” feat. PnB Rock below, and stay tuned for more big moves from JGreen and 510 Music Group.


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