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$ilkmoney “My Potna Dem”

by Aidan C Werder on September 02, 2021

If you’ve been on Tik Tok anytime in the last several months you’ve almost certainly heard $ilkmoney’s unlikely smash hit, “My Potna Dem” - which inexplicably caught fire online a full two years after its original release in 2019 - now standing at 23M Spotify streams and 1.6M Tik Toks created (with literally hundreds of millions of likes). 

“My Potna Dem” is as unusual as it is catchy. Its muddled, bass-heavy production (prod by. Princeofkeys) punctuated by the incredibly catchy chorus, which consists mostly of a complicated series of letters and numbers that hold little significance to anyone outside of $ilkmoney and his circle - and yet somehow he’s got millions upon millions of people shouting out “D-B-S-B-3-2-7-2  G-L-O-B-E-A-B-B” - and even learning a corresponding sequence of hand signs to complete their videos. 

Even though the track first released in January of 2019 as part of $ilkmoney’s project, G.T.F.O.M.D. - it somehow began circulating on Tik Tok early this year, and really exploded in July and throughout the summer as more and more videos began to pop up making use of the catchy chorus and unique production on “My Potna Dem’. 

The video for “My Potna Dem” perfectly matches the energy of the track and encapsulates $ilkmoney’s straightforward approach and edgy, psychedelic style. Shot in what is likely his real life apartment where he lives - on a budget consisting of a single camera, some trippy graphics in post, and whatever it is that’s in his cereal (and cat) bowl - $ilkmoney managed to perfectly capture the spirit of the song, aided by directors MURPHY GRAVES & BornUniversal and editor, Saiya. 

$ilkmoney is a unique talent with a well defined, envelope-pushing style from Richmond, VA. Originally a part of a shadowy collective called the Divine Council, he’s moved on from that and as we hear all over “My Potna Dem” now reps DBSB - short for Dirt Bag Shawty Boyz, which gives you an idea of the brand they are crafting. $ilkmoney has been putting in work and developing his unique style for years before finally achieving breakout success with the new track. Even before that though, his experimental style was attracting other boundary pushers. Most notably he caught the eye of Tyler the Creator who actually appeared on his 2018 album, ‘I Hate My Life And I Really Wish People Would Stop Telling Me Not To’ on the track “Naga” - still his second biggest song to date, after “My Potna Dem”. 

Reinvigorated by the unexpected by well-deserved success of “My Potna Dem”, but always focus on the future, $ilkmoney is already working on his next move. Forever the fan of a good, lengthy acronym, $ilkmoney is working on a new project, an album titled ‘IDGAFATRS, IJDUIDFLIA’. Exactly what that stands for is anyone’s guess, but I’m sure he’ll spell it out for us when the time is right. 

Until then, check out the video for “My Potna Dem” below, be on the lookout for the new project - and if “My Potna Dem” speaks to you the way it does to millions of creators online, be sure to dive deeper in $ilkmoney’s impressive, experimental catalog. 


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