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Don Toliver “Way Bigger”

by Aidan C Werder on October 09, 2021

On Friday, Don Toliver released his highly anticipated and already extremely well-received new project ‘LIFE OF A DON’ - and with it the visual for early fan favorite “Way Bigger”. 

“Way Bigger” is already emerging as one of the standout tracks from Don Toliver’s new project - the response for which is already way bigger than ever before. The early consensus appears to be overwhelmingly positive, with listeners generally pleasantly surprised by the diverse range of songs and styles showcasing new sides of Don’s captivating, affected-vocal melodic sound. 

“Way Bigger” is built around bouncy, trap-inspired production and a hugely catchy, head-bop-inducing melodic hook - at different times effortlessly switching between intricate, melodic rap flows and abstract autotuned vocals clearly backed by some serious singing chops. The track hits on all the elements that make Don great: it’s unique, dynamic, catchy, and perhaps above all else, vibey - the secret ingredient for success in the 2021 music landscape. 

The accompanying visual is straightforward but crisply executed. It opens with Don dancing on a rooftop dawning a fashionably oversized bubble coat - on top of what you might assume is the concert venue he’s getting ready to perform at, where we later see him performing on an empty stage and on top of the marquee. We also get small glimpses at what his lavish life in the hills looks like, illustrating just how far his music has already taken him.


The arrival of ‘LIFE OF A DON’ makes clear that Don Toliver is a force to be reckoned with. In the past few years, he has generated massive demand for his unique melodic sound that combines so many of the most captivating sounds in hip hop - at different times hitting high notes like The Weeknd, rapping like Travis Scott, finding unique melodic pockets like Young Thug, or sing-rapping like Drake - and everything sprinkled with a little Cactus Jack magic. 

Don’s unique vocal tenor, dynamic songwriting, and command over a wide range of flows and melodies allow him to consistently create engaging, dynamic songs that sit in the sweet spot between hip hop, R&B, and pop. The new project is a perfectly curated showcase of his versatile sound, and likely a preview of the type of music we’ll be hearing on the radio for years to come. 


Watch the video for “Way Bigger” below - and be sure to check out the rest of Don Toliver’s hugely impressive and soon-to-be critically acclaimed new project ‘LIFE OF A DON’ released on Friday, Oct. 8th. 


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