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Cico P “Tampa”

by NoJumperStore on May 09, 2021

By: Logan Woodard

The underground rap scene in Texas is slowly simmering with hungry new artists such as Bashfortheworld, SSG Splurge, Quin NFN, and many more. If you recognize these artists then you should get familiar with Jacksonville’s Cico P. And no, that’s not Florida’s Jacksonville. A few weeks ago, viral artist Cico P presented us with his visual take on the smooth, trill record that is “Tampa.” We’re catapulted immediately into the world of Cico P, through his vivid imagery and simple presentation style. Tampa is not your rudimentary ode to FL’s Tampa City. To put it briefly, it’s just a witty play on words sprinkled with the smooth, laid back Texas vibe that Cico P just exudes. This is the life of a Texas rapper that he fluently conveys without any strife or complaints. Standing behind Cico is a massive, raised Ford-250 sitting on rims half his size. Now, any standard human being would be shocked at such a majestic creature of a vehicle; but your classic hip-hop fan knows that this isn’t any shocker to them. The unique and extravagant hood culture that Texas birthed years ago still shines ever so brightly. A rapper created from that custom is going to do nothing but broadcast it for all the world to see.

Tampa in just a short month has become a worldwide sensation thanks to, of course, a TikTok trend that has helped the track accumulate millions of streams and plays on your various platforms. And those numbers will continue to climb, hopefully lending a hand to Cico P’s climb as a rising artist. Breaking the underground can be tough for those who seek it out. However, whether it was wanted, it was chosen. Aside from this viral hit, April 9th brought us a full length LP from the Jacksonville rapper, titled “SUA Files.” This sported other dope records like “Mixed Signals” and “Limelight.”  There isn’t a lengthy discography from him, which brings an interesting array of possibilities for this contemporary artist.

Cico P is a fresh mix of artists such as Gunna and Kodak Black, blanketed in the swaying, slowed style of Texas rap music. If you can ride wit it, peep the link to video down below.


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