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ChaseTheMoney “OhMyGoodness” ft. DollaBillGates

by NO JUMPER on March 25, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

St. Louis producer ChaseTheMoney is solidifying himself as a household name, dropping a full-length album titled “Slim.E and Friends.” The project is a feature album, hosting new and seasoned rappers such as Valee, Lucki, Sheck Wes, Beep Collins, and more. Just a few days ago, we received a wild, rambunctious music video for “OhMyGoodness” featuring DollaBillGates, the last track on the feature album. The editing and cinematic effects are distinctive and unique; they lure you in and keep you locked in while Dolla spits over Chase’s dark, bass driven beat. If you are an avid rap fan and you tend to watch a majority of new music videos that come out, then you may be able to notice a sort of eccentric, notable aura to the video. It really stands out from most music videos in the mix. Whether it be the color grading, editing, camera angles, or animations; the director really puts his own creative ideas forward. This type of video really helps the listener stay in tune with the track without becoming too distracted or disinterested. 

ChaseTheMoney has really made a name for himself in recent years, working with honorable acts such as Ski Mask the Slump God, J. Cole, J.I.D., Lucki, Blocboy JB; the list goes on. Probably his most notable collaboration is Valee, where Chase really seemed to strengthen his craft and launch his name to a higher dominion. ChaseTheMoney beats really revolve around eerie, dark, and “radical” sounds as he would describe in a 2018 interview with Fader. Combine that with super gritty 808’s and an infectious bounce which he dubs “the St. Louis bounce,” and that’s what really makes Chase’s music so interesting and standout. He’s sustained himself as both an underground and mainstream producer, which one may feel is incredibly difficult to do. It really speaks to a producer’s dedication to the game and to his/her craft. If we look at the solid tracklist of Slim.E and Friends, we see artists from all sectors and categories of rap. Songs like Right Now featuring Sheck Wes or Bout Dat Bag featuring Key Glock. If you are really looking for a multifaceted and different project to listen to, Slim.E and Friends is your best bet. 

ChaseTheMoney is really living up to the standard he’s set for himself and we can’t wait to receive more timeless collaborations. Maybe sooner than later, we’ll receive that new Valee album we’ve been waiting for with the renowned St. Louis producer stamped on there somewhere. Who knows? One must not give up hope. Check the new video for OhMyGoodness in the link below. 


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