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Capolow “Sometimes” ft. Seddy Hendrix

by NO JUMPER on June 09, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

East Oakland talent Capolow is here for the taking with his smooth release titled “Sometimes” featuring Seddy Hendrix. This is one of his stronger singles featured on his recent full-length release Code Name 16, which dropped April 30th, 2021. There’s a powerful exhibition of all things ‘Bay Area’ on this record, namely it’s iconic swing, choice of flows, presentation, video, and many more. Even with new school acts like Guapdad4000, Zaybang, Lil’ Bean, and of course, Capolow, The Bay is stylistically sturdy and prominent as time has passed on. This music video is not intended to shift thought or in general, in general, blow your mind. It’s direct purpose might be to simply showcase all the skills and swagger that have existed since the early days of Mac Dre, E-40, Mac Mall, Andre Nickatina, and more.

Capolow sheds any sort of worry or problem he may have and puts on for his city, riding around in some ‘american muscle’ and proving himself to the streets and to the culture that East Oakland ain’t anything to play with. His flow is unique, in that it feels more variable than fixed when presented over that Bay Area type of production. It’s not just the mix of singing and rapping; it’s the shift between certain pockets and flows while switching back and forth from singing and rapping. All that drenched in Capolow’s own poise is what truly brings this song and video to life. On the other hand, bringing in a southern new age artist like Seddy Hendrix creates a dual force that we typically don’t see. We witness artists from all across the globe collaborating; however, this is more than a link up between the two. One could draw a conclusion that this is an open letter from Capolow and other Bay Area artists to broaden this dynamic and inviting more artists from other regions to fuck with them. Whether or not this notion is true, I’d say it’s a positive look for young Capolow. 

Though the last two years have been strong for Capolow, his work ethic has been resonating since early 2013 when he established the local group known as the “Trill Youngins.” In an interview with Flaunt and Shirley Ju, he details that: “We really took it on one, set a stamp for us in the Bay Area. We still fuck with it too, we’re still brothers. But right now, we’re focused on our own music — until we figure out the next tape as a group, which will be coming soon.” With up to 8 years in passing, this rapper has truly stuck to that promise, focusing on his own craft and pushing the culture of East Oakland to another level. His latest album, Code Name 16, is his strongest project to date, featuring tough young artists like ALLBLACK, Az Chike, and a Bay Area legend Nef The Pharoah. 

Moving forward, the sky’s the limit for Capolow. Rap and Hip-Hop fans alike are excited to see what he can create next. 


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