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ShittyBoyz Babytron "Rude As Hell"

by Dylan Raffaele on January 04, 2021

If you haven’t been following Detroit rap you’ve been missing out. There are a swarm of artists coming up that are helping to build a new identity for the city such as Sada Baby, Teejayx6, Icewear Vezzo and Baby Smoove.

And Babytron is one of these artists, he is one third of the Detroit based Shittyzboyz group who broke through to internet popularity after a few minor internet hits

Babytron’s latest offering is the Sleeve Nash mixtape where he stays true to his Detroit roots. It's full of up tempo production, witty one liners and that unmistakable Detroit flow. 

This video is for a track from the tape called Rude As Hell, which finds Babytron in his element; delivering bars over a classic 80’s sample.

Your grown-ass doing TikTok's, this ain't stomp the yard / They say you what you eat, but if I'm eating shrimp how? / Rob Van Dam off the rope, my work top notch”

You can’t help but crack a smile when listening to his music, listen below:



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