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ATL’s Tony Shhnow drops retro-themed single and visual “Keep in Touch” ahead of new project

by Aidan C Werder on May 28, 2022

Tony Shhnow continues to prove why he’s one of the most original new artists emerging out of the Atlanta underground scene with a new retro-themed single and visual for “Keep in Touch” ahead of his new project, Reflexions, set to drop June 9th. 

For the uninitiated, Tony Shhnow is a uniquely captivating character who somehow feels both of the moment and “of the 90s” at the same time – combining the attitude, gold fronts & neck tats, and general gritty demeanor of a classic Atlanta pre-trap-rapper, with the prolific output and new school “plugg” production that he’s helped popularize amongst the new wave of artists emerging out of the Soundcloud underground. 

Tony has a few different, hugely entertaining lanes he dips between – from intensely chill pluggnb on “Vet” to smooth-talking trapper on “On Me” – his most compelling might have to be the throwback bag he channels on songs like “Keep in Touch”. While Tony always comes through with his counterintuitive, confident delivery and surprisingly dense bars, it’s these types of songs where his winning personality and obvious star power shine brightest.

Everything about the “Keep In Touch” visual will leave you shocked that this video is coming out in 2022: from Tony’s white turtleneck, gaudy jewelry, and signature AK-47 buffs – to the nostalgic 1990’s transitions, aspect ratio, and perfectly coordinated overall retro vibe. Even the production feels like it was constructed entirely out of sounds available in the year 2000. 

One of the secrets to the success of these old-school themed videos is in director Jelani Miller, Tony’s go-to for visual direction who consistently and creatively places him in the grainy, dial-up world of yesteryear with extremely impressive music videos that genuinely would feel perfectly at home on Video Music Box or TRL. While he has a deep and diverse catalog, many of Tony’s most popular songs - like “ATL Freestyle” or “Rock Yo Body” – are done in the style, not to mention his latest release “Last Chance” feat. Zelooperz. 

The fact that both singles off the new project are in this throwback style may suggest that there is a full project of vintage Tony Shhnow on the way next month – and if that’s the case fans are in for a treat. 

Watch Tony Shhnow’s “Keep In Touch” Below


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