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AG CLUB “UGUDBRU” ft Sam Truth

by NO JUMPER on March 24, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Hailing from the East Bay Area, AG Club (which stands for Avante Garde) is an effervescent, eccentric hip-hop collective looking to solidify their spot as one of hip-hop’s greatest supergroups. Over the wondersome years Hip-Hop has been around, we’ve seen legendary cliques such as Wu-Tang Clan, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, Hot Boys, Three 6 Mafia, Slaughterhouse, A$AP Mob, Odd Future, and many, many more. To the naked eye, AG Club is just that; however, a small peep into the group’s discography unveils a much more pristine, youthful collection of work. One that is solid, fused together by creators looking to make their mark on such a universal, eclectic culture. 

Last friday, AG Club released a new video for their single titled “UGUDBRU” featuring Sam Truth. With the cinematography's foundation set on 35mm film, the video is very reminiscent of a polished, well-written drama from the early 90’s. Each AG Club member is wearing their very own custom made leather coach jackets, with the household name “Avante Garde” spelled out in big, cursive letters. The plot begins with AG Club chillin’ on the block, eventually turning into a rambunctious, take-all riot as the group begins to terrorize a local store owner. The group continues their rampage, destroying cop cars, hosting underground street fights, and largely marking their territory. The beginning of the song is upbeat and edgy, with unique sound choice and production-style. One could equate it to a perfect score for an intense crime movie. Towards the middle of the video, we get an exceptional switch-up that really brings the whole concept of the video together. The group is taken in by the army, with the Army Sergeant explaining that “there’s only one place for sick and twisted people like you.” The beat switches, slowing down with ambient chords and boom-bap type drums. The video continues to play out with the group coming together as one in camp, shouting and rapping the lyrics together on a camo jeep.

This was a very well-crafted, lustrous piece of work from the Bay Area group AG Club. Though the hip-hop collective is in its infancy, they are garnering massive attention from true and tasteful hip-hop fans alike. Hip-Hop videos and songs that feel like true cinematic works of art are starting to become a lot more rare nowadays. You see more shorter, quick content that tends to try to keep the attention of a viewer that’s residing in such a fast paced society. AG Club is really looking to change that. Hopefully, the Bay Area group can keep the momentum and continue to put out articulate, well thought out pieces of music as they have been. Not much is known on any new projects or singles coming soon, but go check out “UGUDBRU” in the link below. You won’t regret it.


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