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“2055” Sleepy Hallow

by NO JUMPER on April 27, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Flatbush wildcard Sleepy Hallow is staying consistent with yet another new song/video dubbed “2055.” A picturesque, Boondocks-like animated video that almost feels akin to a late-night Toonami series that only a 90’s baby would understand. Sleepy has really tested the waters with this new record, and it has nothing to do with its anomalous choice of visuals. In comparison to his previous releases, this sound is strays ever-so-slightly from the contagious sound that is Brooklyn Drill. One could say that it’s the drums, bass-line/808, rhythms, or “pockets” that are integral key features in drill music. However, when one really deconstructs 2055, there is a microscopic remnant of drill at it’s core. What we could truly envision here is an ambidextrous songwriter and rapper looking to impress in ALL categories. Keep an close eye on Sleepy Hallow and check his new video/song titled “2055” in the link below.

“Why would you sacrifice? (Huh) Knowing you could die? Ain't nobody by your side, (huh) I know niggas cap (Cap) and bitches lie. Came from dirt, can't go back, you could see it in my eyes, (huh).”

Sleepy Hallow is putting it all on the table and opening up on this smooth, guitar-driven record. Whether it be to a lady or to himself, it’s quite intriguing to see how the Flatbush rapper reacts to his own conscious relaying subconscious info. Shit, maybe it isn’t even that deep; nevertheless, there’s a vibe here that strictly captivates you whether or not you decipher these lyrics. All this, combined with the well-crafted and stylized music video just strikes the muse for Sleepy Hallow’s fanbase; and it shows. For an rising artist, hitting just under 1 million Youtube views in 5 days is pretty substantial. And most would only expect more to come from this young talent.

Born in 1999, Tegan Joshua Anthony Chambers aka Sleepy Hallow started to spit ‘round the age of 12 years old. Aside from his work in the streets, he perfected his craft in the years to come and signed to former NFL player Junior Galette’s very own record label called “Nula Entertainment” in 2017. Sheff G, another native Flatbush/Brooklyn Drill rapper and Sleepy Hallow’s best friend, also signed the label as well. Though it was brief, both rappers had become an epic duo from the burrough, releasing acclaimed projects and gaining traction in the years to follow. Arguably, a Sleepy Hallow fan would attest to “Deep End Freestyle” being the jet fuel for the rapper’s skyrocket into the scene. It did swirl around Tik-Tok and social media apps alike; but it truly resonated live-like in the streets as well. 


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